Listed are a few questions many clients have before starting therapy.

  • Are the things that I talk about with my therapist confidential?

Y es, what you say in the sessions will be kept in complete confidence. However, if there is a reason for me to believe that you are likely to do harm to yourself, or another person, it is my legal and professional responsibility to notify the proper persons or authorities. Likewise, if you are a minor and sexual or physical abuse has occurred, I must notify proper authorities .

  • What do I look for in a therapist as far as credentials ?

L icensure, education, and experience are three key areas to look at when searching for a good therapist. To check the status of licensure, the Secretary of State website lists those therapists licensed by the state. In order for a therapist to be licensed, he/she must have received the necessary education, supervision, and have passed the licensure exam. Feel free to ask the therapist about his or her experience, specialties, etc.

  • What if my problems are too petty to see a therapist?

No problem is too small to talk about with a professional therapist. If there is any cause for concern or any uncomfortability in a situation, it is best to be safe. Talking with a professional will help you gain a different perspective or insight into your situation, or may help to confirm that what you are doing is right.

  • How do you manage "couples" counseling?

Usually it is best for couples to come in together so that I am able to properly assess the relationship history, communication skills, and so on. If it is necessary for me to meet individually with one or both of them in order to get a better understanding of some of the relational issues, then we will do so.

  • Do you provide pre-marital counseling?

Yes! This is such and important part of getting married! If you plan to marry and want to eliminate some of those surprises that come later in the marriage, then this is a great way to start on a good path. These sessions are well worth it and can be fun!

  • What if I need to speak with you before you see my child or teenager?

When a child or teen is the client, it is important that I meet with the parent(s) or guardian(s) alone either for the first session or for a portion of the first session (if the child comes with you). This allows me to gather a detailed history and to discuss topics that might be inappropriate in front of the child/teenager.

  • What if I want to change therapists once therapy has begun?

Occasionally a situation occurs that just doesn't seem to be a good "fit" between the therapist and client. I will asssist you in seeking another source or therapist who may be more suited for your needs.

  • Is it possible to use my insurance as payment?

I am a provider on some of the insurance panels. To make sure that I am on your particular plan, simply call the number on your insurance card and they can assist you. It is also important to check your benefits to see if you need to get pre-authorization and verify the amount of any co-pays. If I am not on your plan, I am able to provide a superbill for the session if your plan covers out-of-network behavioral health benefits.

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